Awards & Grants

Each fall the Council of Virginia Archaeologists (CoVA) presents awards in memory of Michael Hoffman, Professor of Anthropology at the University of Virginia, and Virginia Sherman, Westmoreland County’s Historic Preservation Officer. The Hoffman Award, for organizations, and the Sherman Award, for individuals, recognize those outside of the professional archaeological community who have made significant contributions to archaeological site preservation or historic preservation within the Commonwealth. Some examples of possible recipients include local municipalities, corporations, politicians and developers.

In addition, the McCary Award is given jointly by the Archeological Society of Virginia and the Council of Virginia Archaeologists in recognition of the best student paper in prehistoric archaeology at the ASV Annual Meeting.

Contact the CoVA Awards Committee for more information.

Sherman & Hoffman Awards

The contributions made by the nominee could include, but are not limited to, advocacy and/or enactment of pro-preservation laws and proffers, research funding, site preservation, easement donations or support of public education programs.

The following criteria are intentionally vague in order to encourage creativity in recognizing those who actively seek to save our cultural heritage.

* Nominations will exclude professional archaeologists.
* The contribution must have had a direct and significant impact on an archaeological site or historic preservation in Virginia.

COVA Grants

Since 2011, COVA has provided small grants to members for projects that support preservation, public education and/or research. Apply for 2018 Grants

1991 Hoffman Sandra Speiden Preservation of the Thunderbird Site
1992 Hoffman Virginia Sherman & Steve Gunnels Preserving the Morgan Jones Kiln Site & others in Westmoreland Co.
1993 Hoffman Virginia Foundation for the Humanities Providing grants for the interpretation of historic resources
1994 Hoffman Richmond County Board of Supervisors Assessment of Richmond County historic resources
1995 Hoffman Busch Properties Site stewardship of Kingsmill
1996 Hoffman City of Manassas Preservation of the Jennie Dean Industrial School Site
1996 Sherman Robert Hicks Development of Preservation Programs for Law Enforcement Officers
1997 Hoffman Jefferson and Washington Nat. Forests Institutional contributions to Virginia archaeology.
1997 Sherman William “Bill” Trout Study and preservation of Canals and Canal Boats.
1998 Hoffman Rosewell Foundation "Preservation and study of Rosewell Plantation, Gloucester Co.
1998 Sherman William Childress Support of excavations at the Leesville Lake Site in Bedford Co.
1999 Hoffman City of Alexandria Long-term commitment to preservation
1999 Sherman Edith Sprouse Contributions to historical research in Virginia
2000 Hoffman International Paper Company "Stewardship of the Cactus Hill Site, Sussex Co.
2000 Sherman No Award
2001 Hoffman Stockner Excavation Co. Assisting with Carroll Co. Courthouse archaeology investigations
2001 Sherman "Charles Hill Carter, III "Site stewardship of Shirley Plantation, Charles City Co.
2002 Hoffman Loudon County Board of Supervisors Commitment to archaeology in the development process
2002 Sherman No Award
2003 Hoffman Mount Vernon Ladies' Association Ongoing preservation leadership
2003 Sherman William Cropper "Donation of Kittewan to the ASV, Charles City Co.
2004 Hoffman Brentsville Historic Centre Trust Preservation of the Brentsville Courthouse complex
2004 Sherman William Glahn Site stewardship of New London
2005 Hoffman Hopewell City Council Long-term commitment to preservation
2005 Sherman Troy & Theresa Stavens "Site stewardship of Warner Hall, Gloucester Co.
2006 & 2007: There were no Hoffman and Sherman Awards
2008 Hoffman Buckland Preservation Society "Preservation of historic town of Buckland, Prince William Co.
2008 Sherman Alan Crockett
2009 Hoffman Ziai Family Limited Partnership Donating 20 acres in Loudoun Co. to Archaeological Conservancy
2009 Sherman Dot O'Connor Long-term commitment to the Poplar Forest archaeology program
2010 Hoffman Wintergreen Nature Foundation Founding the Wintergreen Archaeological Survey (WAS)
2010 Sherman Becky Garber Commitment to Virginia archaeology
2011 Hoffman Mount Vernon Neighborhood Friends Commitment to Mount Vernon area archaeology
2011 Sherman Anita Dodd Long-term commitment to Stafford Co. archaeology
2012 Hofffman Menokin Foundation "Preservation and study of Menokin Plantation, Richmond Co.
2012 Sherman Robert Steig Support of archaeology/long-term planning in the Berryville area
2013 Hoffman City of Fredericksburg Sponsorship of archaeological projects as a planning tool
2013 Sherman Bill Olson Support cemetery research/maintenance in Prince William Co.
2013 Sherman Joyce Stevens Support of archaeological studies on her property in Alexandria
2014 Hoffman Central Virginia History Researchers Public outreach and preservation efforts on the Sammons homestead
2014 Sherman Ms. Hanna Brooks Burruss Preservation efforts at the Prince Edward Soapstone Quarry
2015 Hoffman Mathews County Historical Society Preservation efforts across Mathews County.
2015 Sherman Dr. James Whittenburg Mentoring generations of historical archaeologists in Virginia.
2016 Hoffman VA Beach Resort & Hotel Conference Center Support of archaeological studies at Great Neck
2016 Sherman Eve Gregory Donation of the artifacts and associated records from the Hatch Site
2017 Hoffman James Monroe's Highland "Commitment to historical research, public outreach, and advocacy.
2017 Sherman Dr. Gary Brown Continued support of DHR/ASV/UUSDA-Forest Service field school
2018 Hoffman
2018 Sherman
The Hoffman Award was created in 1990. The Sherman Award was created in 1996.
2011 Charles Niel Manson Page Valley Jasper Survey
2011 Christopher Shephard The Gingaskin Archaeological Survey
2011 E. Randolph Turner, III Lost Virginia History: Documenting Forgotten Archaeological Collections, 1875
2012 No grants given
2013 Randy Lichtenberger/Keith Adams Mead's Tavern Artifact Analysis
2013 Bernard Means Virtual Zooarchaeology of Virginia
2013 Charles Niel Manson Research on Bone Shuckers found on shell midden sites
2014 No grants given
2015 Ellen Chapman Rehabilitating the Virginia State Penitentiary Archive
2015 Maureen Meyers/ Nikki Matson Archaeology Education Outreach in Southwestern Virginia
2015 Maureen Meyers/ Martha Grace Lowry Mize Virtual Ecomuseum in Lee County
2016 Lauren K. McMillan Genealogical Research in Preparation for Oral History Interviews for the Sherwood Forest Plantation Project
2017 Ellen Chapman "transcribing 35 interviews from mainly Richmond archaeologists, museum professionals, preservationists, and "truthful history activists."
2017 Martha Grace Lowry Mize, supervised by Maureen Meyers for web site hosting fees for

Fluted Point
Virginia Department of Historic Resources