COVA Executive Board

For specific duties of the members of the Executive Board, refer to Section VII of the COVA Bylaws.

Jack Gary
Vice President
Eleanor Breen
Jolene Smith
Newsletter Editor
David Brown
Chris Shephard
Past President
Elizabeth Crowell


Garrett Fesler, Chair
Cliff Boyd, Justin Patton, Jamie May
Carole Nash, Chair
David Brown, Thane Harpole, George Tolley
Randy Lichtenburger, Chair
Beatrix Arendt, Clarence Geier, Randy Turner
Public Education
Chris Shephard, Chair
Beatrix Arendt, Elizabeth Sawyer, Mike Barber, Carole Nash
Public Outreach*
Eric Proebsting & Lauren McMillan, Co-Chairs
David Brown, Bernard Means, Matt Reeves, Jolene Smith, Esther White
Collections Management*
Esther White &  Eleanor Breen, Co-Chairs
Dee DeRoche, Elizabeth Moore, Bernard Means, Kerry Schamel Gonzalez, Lori Lee, Beatrix Arendt, David Brown, Elizabeth Johnson,
Jennifer Ogborne
Threatened Sites*
David Brown, Chair
Clarence Geier, Randy Turner, Mike Madden
Kerri Barille & Mike Carmody, Co-Chairs
State Plan
Cliff Boyd, Chair
Keith Egloff, Laura Galke, Clarence Geier, Tom Klatka, Mike Madden, Bernard Means, Carole Nash, Chris Stevenson, Randy Turner
Legislative Affairs*
Christopher Parr, Chair
Ellen Chapman, Steve Thompson, Carole Nash
Derek Wheeler, Chair
Executive Board
Web Editor
Eric Proebsting
* While all Committees welcome help, these are actively seeking new members.