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This page provides both a map of the current website and plans for future sections. All elements listed below with active links are fully developed, while those without links are still in development.


The first page of the site explains who we are and highlights important information listed within the site.

The current calendar for the year with links to posted events.
Current news items and important announcements.
A proposed section, which would display the complete collections of images submitted for use in the CoVA website.

About Cova

Details about the Council of Virginia Archaeologists, it's mission, and how it operates.

This is the CoVA mission: A Policy Statement for the Appropriate Treatment of Archaeological Resources adopted by CoVA 2/17/06
This contains membership information for CoVA, the application for membership and a list of all current members of CoVA. As of Jan 2008, full contact information has been withheld due to privacy concerns. Alternative means of sharing that information via this web site is being investigated.
The complete text of the official Bylaws and Grievance procedures can be found here in both online text and printable PDF.
Boards & Committees
A list of the Board and Committee chairs with email address links.
A list of the CoVA sponsored awards with current and past winners.


Information of use to all the audiences of CoVA.

Educational Information
Virginia Department of Historic Resources offers Archaeology Resource Kits (ARKs) to museums, teachers and students to learn more about archaeology in learning module formats. CoVA offers introductions to these VDHR ARKs.
CoVA publications include the official "Virginia Archaeologist" newsletter and member contributed work.
An archive of past editions of the CoVA newsletter in PDF format.
CoVA Publications
Index of publications sponsored by CoVA including full bibliographical information and reviews.
Submissions of site reports, white papers, and other submissions made by CoVA members.
Collections Management
A brief overview of our Collections Management Committee's mission along with a detailed resource guide of conservation information contributed by Lisa Young.
Virginia Legislature
Links to State of Virginia legislative resources.
Dozens of archaeology links of interest including CoVA members affiliated sites and links to national regional and state organizations.
For the Press
Press announcements and quick fact sheets on CoVA.
A registry of CoVA members' consulting archaeology firms.
Position openings, internships and field school listings.


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